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בית מדרש

Bnai Emunoh Chabad in Greenfield, a growing Chabad community in Pittsburgh, PA, is embarking on a new initiative to open a Yeshiva Gedolah (Zal) for Bochurim entering Shiur Aleph and Shiur Beis.

We are taking applications from Bochurim who have a deep desire to be frum, upright, Chassidishe Bochurim, dedicated to the Rebbe, his vision and way of life. Bochurim should be motivated to grow in learning, davening and determined to keep Sedarim.

For prospective bochurim and parents, we look forward to speaking with you!

Rabbi Friedman 412-980-4798 Rabbi Lerner 213-910-4436

Our Mission

We strive to bring out the foremost skills and talents of each Bochur according to the Rebbe’s directives and expectations. This includes the development of a Bochur as a Shliach - leadership, Chossid - Midos Tovos and Ahavas Yisroel, Yiras Shomayim - Davening and Hiddur Mitzvah, and Lamdan - proper Torah learning.

We have specifically chosen staff who are relatable and committed to devote themselves fully to the physical and spiritual needs of the bochurim even beyond the Yeshiva structure.

Dedicated Staff

Learning For Life

Our program will be divided by learning level, during which constant guidance will be provided empowering the bochurim to become proficient in learning on their own.


This will enable each bochur to learn independently throughout his life.

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