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The learning in our Yeshiva will be organized according to level. Our focus will be on quantity of material, stressing the need for using time properly.
The Maggid Shiur will help develop the bochurim’s skills to become independent learners, reaching their maximum potential.


Our Zal is designed for Bochurim who want to be Chassidim of the Rebbe, for Mivakshei Hashem who want to grow in the journey of Chassidus, Yiddishkeit and life. Bochurim are expected to adhere to all Halachic standards and Chassidishe norms.

Afternoon Seder

Our afternoon Seder will be structured with different courses where Bachurim will explore different areas of Torah and Shlichus related knowledge with set Maggidei Shiurim.

Examples can include: Medrashim, topics in Chassidus, Jewish history, Chumash with Mefarshim, Kashrus - Hashgacha, Safrus,  Avodah Sefarim, Girsa, Avodas HaTefilah, Pirush Hamilos.


Our Yeshiva will be placing special emphasis on developing the unique talents that each Bochur has. We will encourage the use of music, photography, video editing, professional writing and the like in Avodas Hashem. We will look to incorporate and encourage these talents to be used in Hafatzah and Shlichus work.


The bochurim will have clean, comfortable arrangements at their dorms and proper, nutritious meals. Our goal is for a Bochur to feel as comfortable and respected in Yeshiva as he would in his own home.


Special emphasis will be had on enhancing the Shabbos and Yom Tov experience of our Bochurim. Shabbos is the nucleus of the week, and will be infused with Chayus and excitement that will carry through the entire following week.

Friday night meals will always be led by a staff member. Shabbos day Farbrengens, and special Melave Malka programs will be an integral part of our identity as a Yeshiva.


What type of Bachur are you accepting?

Serious, frum, chassidishe bochurim. 


The Yeshiva will be located in Bnai Emunah Chabad in the Greenfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. This building contains two Shuls, one that seats more than 200 and the other that seats 50 which will be used as our Zal. Upstairs there are multiple classrooms and offices. There is a large commercial kitchen and dining room downstairs. As well, a brand new Mikva being finished!

Dining Room

Dining Room/ Multi Purpose Room

Small Shul

Small Shul


Front of Building

Main Shul

Main Shul

Main Shul

Bima Main Shul

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