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After visiting many Mesivtas in person and on zoom, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions.

  1. What type of Bachur are you accepting? Serious, frum, chassidishe bochurim. 

  2. Will there be seder the morning after farbrengens? Absolutely. 

  3. What does the change in Iyun look like? 1) Classes will be by level. 2) The main emphasis will be BeKiyus and independent learning with Magidei Shiurim guiding each bachur. 3) Shiurim in sugyos and Meforshim will be shiurim Klolim with a specific class for Bochurim interested in specialized in depth learning.

  4. What will be your phone policy? There will be 2 policies. 1 Type of phone - non-smart phone or a phone locked by Mashpia. 2 Time of usage - 1 hour per day.

  5. What will Shabbos look like in Yeshiva? Shabbos will be uplifting BiGashmiyus and BiRuchniyus.There will never be a boring Shabbos. Shabbos is not a day to be wasted.Each Shabbos will be planned with Friday night meals that include members of the Hanholah and guest Shluchim, a Farbrengen Shabbos day, Chazzaras Dach in local shuls and other elevating activities. 

  6. What will the dorms look like? Clean and comfortable accommodations in apartment style dorms within walking distance of the Bais Medrash.

  7. What will the food be like? Good, up to current modern expectations.There will also be kitchens in the dorms.

  8. Will there be opportunities for sports and exercise? Yes. We are also working on renting a gym and pool on a regular basis.

  9. What is the farbrengen policy and how often will there be farbrengens? Iyh there will be a weekly farbrengen on Shabbos and on all Yomei DiPagra.Farbrengens will include guest Shluchim and Mashpiim.

  10. What is the Mashke policy? As the Rebbe established.

  11. What will be the summer policies? All summer activities must be coordinated and approved by the Hanhola.

  12. Will having less learned Bochurim cause a general decrease in the Chassidishkeit of the Yeshiva? 1) We strongly reject the notion that a less learned Bochur is less frum or Chassidish. We also strongly reject the idea that any Bochur is better or lesser than another. We want a Yeshiva as the Rebbe would! All types of Bochurim united in fulfilling Hashem’s desire and the Rebbe’s directives of Ahavas Yisroel and Dira BiTachtonim. 2) The hanhola will be making the Chassidus and Torah atmosphere of the Yeshiva of utmost importance. We will only be accepting Bochurim that we feel can live up to the standards of the Yeshiva.

  13. Are you offering classes or opportunities for Bochurim to do art and other such activities? No. And we are not a college prep or stepping stone for a secular career. We are entertaining talents and broader capabilities that should be developed for the spreading of Yiddishkeit and Chassidus. Individual talents such as art, photography or music certainly can and should be utilized in Avodas HaShlichus and Hafatza. Bochurim with such talents are certainly welcome in our Yeshiva and will be encouraged to use their talents for kedusha. Yet our mission is to teach areas that have broader and more direct impact in Hafatza. Taking videos of Shiurim and disseminating farbrengens are direct means of spreading Torah and we will focus on such areas.

  14. Will investing in my talents lessen my devotion to Torah and Chassidus? 1 This should be discussed with your Mashpia. 2 The true barometer is, if investing or disinvesting in your talents enhances or distracts from Torah and Mitzvos. We strongly believe that for many Bochurim this will strengthen their learning as well as their Hanhaga in Darkei HaChassidus.

  15. Are you a regular yeshiva for regular chabad bochurim? Absolutely Yes. We aren’t compromising or changing Torah or Chassidus. We are endeavoring to create a home for the Bochurim of Ikvesa Dimeshiche, living 30 years after Gimmel Tammuz. A model that energizes and empowers the Rebbe’s children. A Mosod that is anchored in the Derech of the Rebbe and Raboseinu Nisieinu.

  16. Is this Yeshiva a continuation of the Pittsburgh Mesivta? No.

  17. Are Bochurim coming to a new Yeshiva with a new style taking a risk almost like a test run? Shlichus is to break through new frontiers and to go where no one has gone before. Every Yeshiva and location where the Rebbe sent Shluchim was always new with new challenges. The Rebbe challenged us, and we responded, Hineni! This Yeshiva is new but a true Shlichus and challenge like the Rebbe would surely applaud us to do. A first year Yeshiva has its unique Maalos and opportunities, and it’s a Bochurs chance to build something special.

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